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YELO Hospitality – Providing you with innovative technology solutions that assists you with the management and electronic distribution of your hotel and resort.


YELO’s team of technology professionals will work closely with you to identify and select the ideal next generation hotel systems and software, suitable for your requirements and the success of your hotel and resort.  We will identify with you, which hotel e-commerce system or technology is best suited to your online channel management strategy.

Our team is here to guide you in your research for the following systems and highlight key requirements:

  • Central Reservation Systems – with a focus on:

       Robust Channel Connectivity

       User-friendly Interface

       Real-time, Web-based

       Variety of Booking Engines

       Multi-property Functionality

  • Global Distribution Systems – that are able to:

       Connect to all GDS’s

       Distribute via Consortia and Travel Agents

       Connect with 3rd Party Websites

  • Channel Management Systems – achieving:

       Management of Multiple OTA Simultaneously

       Derive Rate Plans and Levels

       Intelligent Allocation Management

  • A website Booking Engine – that enables you to:

       Have a Conversion-Focused Design

       Focus on Merchandising and Packaging Features

       Keep Control over your Booking Engine Branding and Styling

  • A mobile Booking Engine – that has a:

       User-friendly Interface

       Mobile Phone and Tablet Version

       Facebook Booking Engine

       Control over Booking Engine's Branding Focus

  • Meta-Search Distribution Service – allowing:

       Price Advertising on Rate Comparison Websites

       Including sites such as: TripAdvisor, Google Hotel Finder, WeGo, Trivago, HotelsCombined, Kayak and                many more!

Contact team YELO - to begin work on selecting your technology solutions.